Welcome to Leadership Dynamics!

 We're looking forward to working with your son or daughter in Leadership Dynamics this summer. It's very important that you read through this information, confirm your student's registration, confirm your payment, and complete the work/study contract if it applies, and call us with any further questions you might have. We also want to highlight a few details of the program so there is no confusion as you plan for your student's participation in the Leadership Dynamics program. We hope that after reading the information and background provided that you will agree that Leadership Dynamics offers Badger High School students a unique opportunity beyond the traditional classroom setting. Leadership provides students the chance to develop, hone, and discover their leadership skills. In Leadership students will learn about the dynamics of a group and how to work with others toward a common goal. In addition, the Leadership Dynamics staff will help students learn to strengthen their communication skills and leadership ability. It is also the goal of Leadership to celebrate community and encourage students to actively participate in the betterment of their classroom, school, city, and area communities.

Check out this informational video: Leadership Dynamics Experience


Camp Dates for the summer of 2019:

Week 1:      June 23 - 28

Week 2:     July 7-12

Week 3:     July 14-19

Week 4:     July 21-26