The Leadership Dynamics curriculum consists of 4 courses. Students, if they chose, can take a Leadership course every year they are in high school. Each course builds on the skills and knowledge gained from the previous year’s course.

Leadership Dynamics I

LD One is an introductory course generally taken by incoming freshmen however it is open to any grade level student who wishes to take it. LD One is a ½ credit class held one week during the summer. In this class students are given an opportunity to learn about the roles in a group, leadership traits, and group decision making. Students work on a variety of low ropes exercises and tasks which require them to use the knowledge they have gained. During the week students will be required to perform a service project (reading to daycare kids or visiting a retirement home) and they will have an opportunity to visit Eagle’s Nest Adventure Center and tame The Beast, a 40 climbing wall.

Leadership Dynamics II

LD Two is the next step in the Leadership ladder providing further opportunities for students to develop their leadership abilities-completion of LD One is highly suggested but students may take this course without having taken LD One. This course is taken mostly by incoming sophomores. Like LD One, LD Two is a ½ credit class held one week during the summer. In LD Two students review and build on the team building skills taught in LD One. The low ropes exercises become more involved, requiring greater teamwork and result in greater growth of all those involved. During the week of LD Two campers will walk 21 miles around Lake Geneva and meet the challenge of Jacob’s Ladder at Eagle’s Nest Adventure Center. The LD Two students, as their service project, organize and implement a car wash, with the proceeds going to Special Olympics, Eagle’s Nest Adventure Center, and various Leadership Dynamics projects. The car wash is in the afternoon of Friday, the students' last day at camp.

Leadership Dynamics III

Leadership Dynamics Three is open to all junior students. LD3 meets for one week during the summer followed by a year-long class. LD3 will provide students the opportunity to learn to have an effective impact on their community. Beyond the opportunities of our summer program, students will systematically research and utilize the following: networking, letter writing, business telephoning, grant writing, proposal writing, conference planning and implementation, event organizing and implementation, presenting at government and service club meetings, civic regulations, database management, resource identification and utilization, and publication production. In addition, they will management, scheduling, audience analysis, and public speaking skills.

Leadership Dynamics IV

LD 4 is the culminating Leadership experience offered to seniors. LD 4 involves a week at camp, as well as a year-long class in which the students develop and implement a MAJOR project designed to benefit the school, city, or local community. At this level the students are given support and guidance but the majority of the impetus comes from within the LD 4 team itself. Students learn grant writing, networking, public speaking skills, etc. in the process of completing their project. The completion of the project brings together all of the leadership and teambuilding skills the students have acquired throughout their years in high school and Leadership.