Camp Information

Camp Timelines

Students arrive at Badger High School (southeast entrance by staff parking lot off of highway H) on Sunday afternoon, between 2:00 and 2:30 p.m. They register, we check for your signature on all necessary forms, they find their room and settle in. We begin our first group activity promptly at 3:00 p.m. Students finish camp around 9:30 pm on Friday evening. Friday evenings are very important closure time for the week, so we ask that you honor our need to bring the events to a successful close. Meals are around 8 a.m., noon, and 5:30 p.m. We provide plenty of snacks throughout the day and evening. Quiet time is from 11:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.

Residential Program

Students will be housed in rooms at Badger High School, with separate rooms for males and females. There will be adult chaperones each evening. At least one Badger instructor will always be on site. Student’s activities will be scheduled from early morning through late evening, with time off during the day for recreational activities. Breakfast is not optional. Students are expected to stay on campus the entire time. Those students who drive will surrender their car keys for the week. Students will be expected to honor the designated “male” and “female” sleeping areas. Badger High School is a smoke/drug free environment. Badger’s Zero Tolerance policy is in effect throughout this program. Curfew is enforced, allowing for 8 hours of quiet time each night. Any student violating the rules may be sent home and forfeit his/her fees and credit. Students are required to stay at camp the entire time. We ask that you respect the growth process that happens at camp by not asking to have your son/daughter leave for any reason other than a medical emergency. Students agree that they will be present for the entire process. So much happens each hour, with weather and other challenges requiring us to schedule with flexibility that we cannot tell what anyone would miss if gone. Therefore, we do require students to stay with the program the entire time. Many of those parents who chaperone mention how peaceful it is to be away from radios and televisions. That is one of our goals with the students - back to nature and relaxation. Please assist us by keeping the radios (yes, even the clock radios) at home. While there is a bit of a culture shock at first, teenagers usually find it comfortable to leave the trappings of civilization behind for a few days.

Experiential Education

This course requires participants to get involved, work together to solve problems, make decisions, and practice active listening skills. We balance physical challenges, mental ability, and group process. The key advantage of experiential learning is to study theory and immediately apply it. This process emphasizes theory, problem solving, experimentation, debriefing, and personal assessment. Students learn to reach beyond their limits on the high elements, taking risks beyond their initial comfort zone. They come to understand that their limits are often self-imposed and can be moved. As they reach success, their confidence and esteem grow. The low elements offer tremendous opportunities for group interaction and problem-solving. When viewing the videotape of their interaction, they recognize behaviors in themselves and others that are not readily apparent with other approaches.

Special Activities

During Leadership Dynamics One, students either present reading programs to youth at area day care centers or visit some of our local nursing homes to interact with the adult community. During Leadership Dynamics Two students hike 21 miles around Geneva Lake and stay up together for 24 hours. LD Two students also plan a car wash which they implement at the end of the week of camp. LD3 students will work on teambuilding skills during camp and will use those skills to implement a several projects during the year that will benefit the Badger High community. LD IV participants create and execute their own organizing project to benefit the broader Lake Geneva community; a year-long project. All students participate in high ropes activities at Eagle’s Nest Adventure Center at Lutherdale Camp outside of Elkhorn or O.W.L.S at Holiday Home Camp in Williams Bay.

Course Expectations

Successful completion of the course will include the following:
During the week at Leadership Dynamics

  • Active participation in all activities of the program

  • Clear assumption of responsibility

  • Solid growth in numerous aspects of leadership skills

  • Completion of all written assignments

  • Completion of daily reflective journal writing

  • Completion of individual conference with instructor

  • Completion of major paper after class

  • Community Service Project during course

  • Demonstration of a teenager having a wonderful time


It is the expectation of the Leadership staff that student participants will conduct themselves in a kind, courteous, and respectful manner. The specific rules of camp are delineated in the Rules portion of the information provided. Specific rules and consequences are spelled out in that location. In general however it is expected that students will understand that although Leadership is in some ways ‘camp’ it is also a class, offering high school credit, and governed by the same types of rules found in all schools. Fun is a key component to a great week of camp, however in order for all participants to have an enjoyable experience care must be taken to ensure that respect is paid to the students, the facilities, and the staff at all times. Leadership camp is a place to meet new friends and grow as a person; it is not a daycare facility or remedial summer program. Please keep this in mind when making the decision to take a Leadership Dynamics course.

Dress Code

Leadership Dynamics camp is an active and lively time. Students will be doing all sorts of physical activities, both indoors and out. It is important that students bring the appropriate clothing to camp. Many of the activities involve awkward positioning, lifting, stretching, and such. Careful consideration should be given to what clothes students will bring to camp. Short shorts, tube tops, spaghetti strap tops, and revealing sleep wear should not be worn at camp. Clothing that shows bare midriffs and/or under garments are inappropriate attire for camp. Students who have attire which is deemed inappropriate by the Leadership staff will be asked to have appropriate clothing brought to them. In the event that appropriate clothing is not available the student will be sent home. Please do not put the staff in a position in which they have to address inappropriate clothing; it is embarrassing for the student and unpleasant for the staff member(s).

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

In a nutshell, cell phones and other electronic devices are now being allowed at camp, but only accessible to students at designated times*. The reasons for not allowing access to cell phones 24/7 are many and pertain to both the intent of Leadership Dynamics as well as safety and privacy issues. First off, Leadership Dynamics camp is the equivalent of one semester of class at BHS. We do not allow the use of cell phones in class at Badger and we do not allow them at camp. Since every hour of time the students are at camp they are supervised, and as such are in class, cell phone usage will only be allowed at particular times of the day. Furthermore, since students are sleeping in classrooms which act as both sleeping quarters and changing areas, the use of cell phones in this area, is not allowed for the same reasons they are not allowed in the locker rooms during the school year. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Leadership camp is intended to be a time when students can grow individually and become part of a team, calling, texting, or using electronic devices during activities, meals, or in rooms at night isolates students from their team and diminishes the Leadership Dynamics experience.

PLEASE do not bring a cell phone or other electronic device to camp with the idea that it will be accessible at all times. Students who are caught with these items outside of designated times are not only are breaking the rules, but they are also undermining the trust of their instructors and teammates. It is expected that students attending camp will have the integrity to follow and obey the rules and procedures, if you do not feel you can abide by these rules you should reconsider attending Leadership Dynamics.

* LD 2 will be sponsoring a car wash during their week of camp. A cell phone will be helpful in contacting friends and family to invite them to the car wash. LD 2 students who bring their cell phones will have them safely and securely stored by the LD staff during the week.

Things To Remember

Look carefully at the list of items to bring and to leave home in the Checklist portion of the information provided. This is a "back to nature" week, and we will enjoy the sounds of the environment. While we will be sleeping indoors, we will be outside as much as possible. You'll be having too much fun and working too hard to have time for electronic toys, so they will be sent home. We will provide a water bottle, as we're often a long way from a drinking fountain. Bring comfortable clothes. The only time we go public is in Leadership One when we read to the youngsters as our service project and in Leadership Two during the lake hike. Remember a swimming suit, as we have reserved pool time. We provide snacks several times a day so you can leave personal snacks at home.

What To Bring

Look carefully at the list of WHAT TO BRING and to leave home. This is a "back to nature" week, and we will enjoy the sounds of the environment. While we will be sleeping indoors, we will be outside as much as possible. You'll be having too much fun and working too hard to have time for electronic toys, so they will be sent home. We will provide a water bottle, as we're often a long way from a drinking fountain. Bring comfortable clothes. Generally the only time we go public is in Leadership One when we read to the youngsters or visit a retirement home as our service project and in Leadership Two during the lake hike. Remember a swimming suit, as we have reserved pool time. We provide snacks several times a day so you can leave personal snacks at home.


The Leadership Dynamics grade will be averaged into the student’s individual grade point, and the credit and grade will show on their transcript. For those students taking 8 classes each semester, it will not count in class rank. For those students with fewer than 8 classes, it will count for grade point and class rank, just like every other class at Badger. Students are asked to write a personal assessment of their growth one week after leaving camp. That paper must be mailed to, and received by, their instructor at Badger by the date designated by the instructor at camp. LD2 students participate in the implementation of their service project the last day of camp. LD3 and LD4 students continue with their project throughout the year. You might want to check on the progress of each of these with your student.


Violation of these rules will result in the following automatic consequences:

  1. Alcohol or drug possession or use – Due to the severity of these legal infractions students who are caught using or possessing any type of illegal substances will be immediately sent home and the student’s guardians and/or the police will be notified.

  2. Tobacco possession or use – Tobacco is held as a lighter offense because of its legal status to eighteen year olds and the lack of an intoxicating effect on the user. The first time that a student is caught in possession of any items containing tobacco, that student will lose recreation time and will have these items confiscated. The second time that the student is caught in possession with these items, they will be immediately sent home.

  3. Curfew violation or consistent tardiness – Our program is run very much like a school or work place. A schedule of events is in place to insure the efficiency of the students and the mentors. Choosing not to adhere to this schedule is a show of disrespect and will be dealt with accordingly. The first violation will result in a loss of recreation time and the second time the student will be sent home.

  4. Sexual Activity – Leadership Dynamics is a program that is run through the high school, and as an educational program, students are expected to refrain from any sexual activity while in the program. These types of activities simply have no place within this experience. Sexual activity will be judged accordingly and most likely the students will be sent home and the police may be called if the action is illegal.

  5. Crossing the threshold into rooms of other the gender – The Leadership Dynamics program separates sleeping and dressing environments by gender. Within each gender’s allotted room is a safe environment for those people to dress themselves and perform hygienic actions. For a student to cross the threshold of this environment is a tainting of that safety allotted to those students. This is seen as a disrespect matter and will not be tolerated. The first offense will result in a loss of recreation time, and the second will lead to immediate removal from the program.

  6. Leaving the ground unsupervised – Leadership Dynamics is a closed campus program, as the program is legally responsible for the students attending, the departure from an assigned location will not be tolerated. This program strives to remove the students from the outside world, creating discipline, bonds of fellowship, and the strength to lead others in the future. A student leaving the grounds will corrupt the process of these goals and will not show proper respect to the staff or the program. The first offense will result in a loss of recreational time, and the second will be suitable for being immediately sent home.

If a student is sent home early due to disciplinary reasons, they will receive a failing grade for the course. A student may also drop the class and leave on one’s own free will up until dinner Monday night, if this occurs the class will be exempted from the student’s transcript (however, no refund will be issued for course fees).